10 Movies You Should Watch While Being In Lockdown
By admin - September 23, 2020

People in self-isolation or quarantine try to spend time and have some fun. Some people make puzzles, some read books. Some watch movies…
Movies it is, because we somehow find a release in watching our anxieties play out on screen!

Therefore, we’d like to suggest you some ‘must-watch’ ones about the epidemic.


“Outbreak” is a very interesting movie. Action begins in America and reaches Africa as well. The deadly virus is transmitted from infected monkeys to humans. US disease control specialists and epidemiologists are arriving in Africa to find the source of the virus and work on reducing the disease. though the situation is more difficult than expected.


This movie is one of the most real-life stories in the history of the film industry. The action is unfolding in America, and an unidentified virus, with flu symptoms, will soon infect the American population, and then the rest of the world. The medical community is trying to alleviate the panic caused by the virus, but before the vaccine is invented, the pandemic has killed thousands and the panic is increasing.

World War Z

Z ”World War Z is on the list of must-see movies. UN envoy Jerry Lane is suddenly facing a new threat and the US Federal Bureau of Justice is undertaking a search for antivirus with the help of Jerry. The epidemic conquers the world, and Jerry has to save the world from the ending, which, for sure, is not easy.

The Happening

The Happening’ is about another tragedy happened in America. The chaos began in Central Park in New York became the danger of the entire world. An unknown virus reaches the human brain and causes it to kill itself. The nature teacher, his wife, and the little girl are trying to deal with the virus, but it’s not all that easy … It’s also worth noting that the film is based on the novel by Stephen King.

28 Weeks later

’28 Weeks Later’ tells us about the deadly virus in the UK that is infecting the entire country so fast. The virus soon subsides, with residents hoping to get it all done, though the terrible disease is still lurking in the streets of the city waiting for new victims.

Train to Busan

The movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho(South Korean film director) tells us the story of group of people who are stuck on the train. But will all of the sudden, they experience zombie outbreak. The people who survived, try to escape the zombies and reach a quarantine zone in Busan.

And as the survivors lose family members and put so much effort to get to a safe place, the zombie outbreak runs rampant throughout the train, splitting survivors into different cars while they try their best to survive.

Shaun of the Dead

As Shaun and Ed, Pegg and Frost tell the story of two relatively laid-back guys who end up encircled by a surprising zombie outbreak and must do their best to survive — or, at the very least, make it to the pub for some pints. With a plan in place that involves drinking at the Winchester until conditions are safer, Shaun and Ed try to gather their friends and family to keep them safe, and though it’s pretty easy to beat the super-slow zombies described in this particular outbreak, there’s still plenty of obstacles for the crowd to overcome. 


The movie was released in 2009. With Jesse Eisenberg in the leading role as Columbus, the film tells us a story of a dorky survivor who leads his way towards his home in Ohio. But along the way, he meets and groups up with three other survivors: Tallahassee, a loose cannon who loves guns and Twinkies; Wichita, a tough former con-woman turned zombie warrior; and Little Rock, Wichita’s spirited younger sister.

The Host

Like The Crazies, the film tells us the story of mankind sow its destruction when an American pathologist instructs his Korean colleague to drop formaldehyde in the Han River. After a few years, a massive amphibious creature appears, attacking the locals and kidnapping a young girl called Hyun-Seo. As the military arrives to quarantine zone, they state that not only is the mutant dangerous but that it carries an unexplained virus too.

Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys is a sci-fi fantasy set in post-apocalyptic Philadelphia in 2035. As most of humanity was destroyed by a virus in 1996, Earth’s remaining people live underground. Bruce Willis is Cole, a criminal who proposes to go back in time with the hope to reduce his sentence and find the cause of the virus. But the past proves more confusing than the future.