1,200-Year-Old Pagan Temple To Thor And Odin Unearthed In Norway
By admin - October 13, 2020

In Norway, the ruins of an ancient temple created in honor of Odin and other Norwegian gods have been found under one of the farms.

Archaeologists from the University of Bergen found it during excavations on the site of a farm in a village in western Norway. According to the study’s author, Soren Dinehof, the most impressive was the surviving parts of a 14-meter-long and 7-meter-wide building that they believe was used to worship the Norwegian gods. Inside the building, they also found a 3-3.5 meter square room that appeared to be part of a tower-like structure located in the center of the building.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Tommy Nodland / EyeEm

A team of archaeologists has created a 3D reconstruction of the temple to better understand the style and size of this once magnificent building. In addition to the temple, archaeologists say they also found the ruins of several tall houses that were used to house large families and relatives in ancient Europe.

The team is currently exploring 8,000 square kilometers of land, so researchers may soon make discoveries as well. The ruins in the area are not yet dated, although, given the shape and style of the structures, the area may belong to both pre-Roman and medieval periods.

According to the team, this is the first time such a well-preserved temple structure has been found in Norway.

The old Norwegian religion was replaced by Christianity over time, a process that lasted from the eighth to the end of the 12th century. After Christianity, almost all evidence of the old religion was either destroyed or lost. This discovery is so significant.