3 Delicious Alternatives to Coffee
By Andrew Parker - September 3, 2021

We’d be lost for words were we forced to count just how many cups of coffee we’ve had. And yet, despite our admittedly unsightly addiction to the brown beverage, we’d be lying were we to say that we hadn’t considered quitting more than just once. And yet, when faced with the dreadful horizon of what we were to actually drink were we to quit, we were totally lost. So, after digging a bit, here are a few of our preferred coffee alternatives!

Chicory coffee

Gettyimages / Yagi Studio / DigitalVision

Much like the tried and true coffee bean, chicory roots can be roasted, ground, and brewed into a hot beverage, the taste of which is remarkably similar to coffee, and yet, even more remarkably, one-hundred percent caffeine-free. Given that chicory may promote more bile production in your gallbladder, some people suffer from several minor digestive symptoms such as bloating as gas. Others, however, react splendidly to the extra inulin. All a matter of one’s own singular anatomy.