3 Premium Video Editing Software For You
By Laura Lee - December 25, 2022

Video editing is slowly becoming an invaluable skill and asset to have in this day and age. You can use it in a professional capacity across many fields, from advertising to filmmaking, or you can simply use it to make memes to have a laugh with people on the internet. Whatever your purpose may be, you’ll ideally want a decent, multipurpose video editing software to go wild with, and we’ve got 3 that would be the perfect fit!

First up, we’ll be looking at the conventional video editing software in Adobe Premiere Pro. This (paid) software is probably the most used one out there because of how accessible and easy-to-grasp it is. Even a newcomer to video editing can make something out of Premiere by watching a few tutorials on YouTube, and therein lies its charm. If you want to really make the most of the software, you’ll have to invest a considerable amount of time into it. Luckily, the relatively simple user interface makes this a no-so-taxing process!

Next up is DaVinci Resolve, an editing software primarily marketed towards filmmakers or those in relevant industries. It offers a similarly intuitive and straightforward interface as Premiere, but also sports other features that filmmakers and editors really value. Chief amongst these is industry standard color grading capabilities that make DaVinci Resolve your one-stop-shop for all things film related. However, this isn’t to say that this is a software only for filmmakers. Just like Premiere, it can be used by just about anyone who is willing to invest time into it, and for any number of uses!

Lastly, we take a look at Final Cut Pro, the go-to editing software for those who live and breathe Apple products. This is a premium option as far as video editing software go, and offers a streamlined process for Mac users. It also has a great and responsive shortcuts feature which makes tedious processes so much easier.