3 Sports Made for Tall People
By Laura Lee - January 14, 2023

Not a day goes by when a tall person isn’t asked the dreaded question: do you play x or y sport? The natural assumption the average person has is that tall people will naturally be using their height to their advantage in some competitive sport or the other where it is considered a genuine boon. If you’re a tall person who has been pestered by these questions throughout your life and now, out of curiosity or ambition, wish to try out one of these sports, we’ve got you covered! Down below we list 3 sports where your height will be put to good use.

First up is the one sport all tall folks are familiar with: Basketball. There is obviously a reason behind everyone asking if you play it! The taller you are, the better you can be at basketball, provided that you don’t skip practice. It opens up just about any position on the court for you, from Power Forward to Center. You can reach the ball floating around midair much faster and efficiently, and you can score easily too. Basketball really is the sport of the giants!

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Northcut

Next up is volleyball, another sport that is commonly associated with those gifted with height. Longer limbs allow you to spike the ball with greater oomph, making it easier to score points for your side. Similarly, positions like Middle Blocker benefit from longer limbs since you can guard a wider area more efficiently as the opposing spiker comes for the kill. There is no volleyball team out there that won’t appreciate another tall person on their team!

Lastly, we turn towards swimming. Longer limbs can help propel you further and make you cover more distance with a comparatively lesser amount of effort! Larger torsos also cut through water faster, making tall people faster than average!