5 Lesser-Known Symptoms of Anxiety
By admin - October 2, 2020

When thinking about anxiety, some traditional symptoms may come to mind, such as sweating, shivering, and avoiding certain situations. All of these are very real side effects that many people have to deal with daily. But there are also less common symptoms of anxiety that you should be very aware of.

1. Jaw pain

In fantasies sometimes all of us get lost, but a person with anxiety sometimes sees with obsession and amazing clarity pictures in which something bad is happening to himself or people dear to him. At such times you sink into the most pessimistic perceptions of events or a stream of nightmarish thoughts.

According to Farnival, this phenomenon is also known as Rumination and often makes it difficult to focus on current events. It can also be a source of extra stress, so taking a course of therapy at such times will usually help you a lot.