5 Sport Activities That Will Strengthen Your Immunity For The Winter
By admin - November 7, 2020

Winter is approaching and it is time to plan cool days, get out of the old comfort zone and start a new, exciting life. Instead of spending time in a warm winter room, exercising and taking care of your health will improve both your physical and mental health.

As it is known, we burn more calories during exercise in winter than by performing various activities in the heat. The reason for this is simple – we need to expend more energy during the cold to raise our body temperature. The number of calories burned is 10 to 40% more than spent in the summer.

In a pandemic, strengthening immunity and caring for health is a priority like never before. Today I will tell you about the 5 sports activities that will strengthen your immunity for the winter and help you stay healthy.


Getty Images/EyeEm/Robin Wiedemann / EyeEm