7 Tips For Extremely Lazy People Who Want To Start A Workout
By admin - September 20, 2020

How many times have you found yourself lying on a sofa scrolling your friend’s photo taken in the gym and ready to burn calories? What is the first thought that came to your mind at such a time?

A) What is wrong with me?
B) Why watching soap opera overnight is not a sport?
C) I should start exercising.
D) All of the above.

In fact, those people who regularly hit the gym, were as lazy or demotivated as you are right now. You can be one of them at some point if you consider our tips!  Here you are:

Don’t start thinking about exercising until you free up time for it.

If you don’t fancy waking up early in the morning(wait, who does, tho?), then I am telling you, the first trial of you working out in the morning will fail.
What I suggest you is to get yourself prepared for it. Just start with waking up in the morning for two weeks. Do not push yourself to stretch or do push-ups. Just get a breakfast, make a bed, clean your room. Your body will get used to with new routine. Then you will be ready to start actual workouts.

Do not worry about the duration of workout

Even the shortest exercise is better than no exercise, so don’t listen to people who say that half an hour a day is “just a minimum”, nor listen to yourself saying that “I can’t really exercise for two hours every day.” Start with 10 minutes!

Do 10 Push-ups and 10 Sit-ups

Don’t buy a gym membership until you can be sure that you can spend 5 minutes every day doing 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups: It’s a small step, but incredibly effective.

Have small, simple goals

A 20-minute walk every day is not a difficult goal, and you can start with that. Just mark every calendar day when you can walk for 20 minutes. As you start observing, the number of such days will increase.

Celebrate success, but not with food

Have you been training for 30 days? Buy yourself new gym shoes, leggings, water bottles or comfy headphones. Eating out is a bad idea, not because of calories, but because food should not be associated with a prize. There are many other ways to reward yourself.

Follow inspiring people on Instagram

Sometimes even a small push is enough to show you how much the human body can do. Those people who workout daily and share their success stories with others are such good motivators for ones who are newcomers in sport life.

And just be kind to yourself

Everything starts with self-belief: Believing that you can do everything really gives you the power to accomplish all your goals.

Every time you get really tired of exercising, instead of getting angry at yourself for falling out of shape, thank yourself for the effort you put in that, Everything starts with changing your outlook and once you become a friend of your own, you will no longer have to deal with difficulties.