A 5-Story Building in Shanghai Walks to a New Location
By admin - October 30, 2020

On October 15, Shanghai residents in the eastern part of the city, while walking in Huangpu District, came across a strange sight, a walking building.

The building of the 85-year-old primary school, which has the status of a cultural heritage monument, was taken from the ground and moved to another area by means of a new technology, the so-called “walking car”.

Engineers attached 200 movable supports to the building. These supports act as the legs of a robot. “They split into two groups and take turns moving up and down, imitating human gait. Attached sensors monitor how the building moves forward.” – says Lan Wuji, director of Shanghai Evolution.

“It’s like giving crutches to a building so it can get up and then walk,” he says.

According to the Huangpu District Government, the move to the Lagena Elementary School, built in 1935, was intended to free up new space where a commercial and office complex would be built.

In 18 days, the building turned 21 degrees and walked 65 meters. This is the first time the “walking car” method has been used to move a historic building.