A Healthy Morning Routine
By Claire Miles - September 3, 2022

We often find ourselves fatigued, sleepy, and irritated throughout the day, which leads to unproductivity and frustration over the day. The best way to counter these undesirable feelings is through a healthy morning routine which often sets the precedent for the rest of the day. If you find yourself rushing out the door as soon as you wake up, chances are, you will continue rushing throughout the day, leaving you tired and unsatisfied with the work you have done.

The phrase “the early bird gets the worm” remains cemented in its significance to this day. However, the morning routine often begins at night, as in order to wake up early, one needs to go to bed early. These days, most people go to bed extremely late despite knowing that they need to be out of their house by 7.30 am. This leads to an overall tired and unsatisfying day. The most essential part of a healthy morning routine is a good night’s sleep of around 8 hours so one might wake up feeling refreshed.

Making your bed gives off a tone of organization and finality, preventing you from jumping into bed again. It also reassures you of the fact that you also have enough time during the morning to be able to make your bed.

Another aspect of a healthy morning routine which is often neglected is a healthy breakfast. Having a nutritious breakfast is not just good for your health but may also help you financially by preventing you from spending a substantial amount of money on small sugary snacks which only keep you full for a few hours before you need to eat something again.

Moreover, having a shower in the mornings is the most refreshing aspect of a morning routine, and something a lot of people rely on to wake themselves up mentally as well. A shower makes you feel clean and very put together, before you can even start working on yourself in front of the mirror.