A NASA Astronaut Takes Part In The Election From Space
By admin - October 24, 2020

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins cast her ballot in the 2020 presidential election from the International Space Station’s “election booth.”

Since 1997, astronauts orbiting have the opportunity to register as “absentee voters,” according to a statement posted on Space.com. In terms of elections, astronauts have the same responsibilities as humans on Earth, though the address is a little different: “Earth’s low orbit.”

NASA obviously cares about filling out ballot papers. And Kate Rubins tweeted, which she titled: “I ran in the election from the International Space Station.”

Rubins flew to the International Space Station (ISS) on October 14 with the last Soyuz rocket. This rocket is used to transport NASA astronauts to the station. He will spend six months in orbit and will be the only American citizen to miss out on Earth on the day of this year’s U.S. presidential election.

“I think it is critical that every citizen of the United States take part in the election. If we do it from space, then others on Earth will be able to do the same,” he told the press in October before leaving for the ISS.

Rubins is not the first to vote from space. Moreover, he has done it before. Several NASA astronauts, including Rubins, also ran from space in the 2016 presidential election.

A statement posted on Space.com also said that the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule in mid-October, which was to transport three astronauts to the station, was delayed until mid-November. By this time the election will be over.

“The participation of each person in the elections is crucial and I believe that all citizens should contribute to the democratic development of the country. We are honored to have the opportunity to state our position from space,” said Rubins.