A New AI That Can Create Images Based On Human Thoughts
By admin - September 29, 2020

A team of researchers from the University of Helsinki created a new interface that connects the computer and the brain. The interface understands what a person thinks and creates an image accordingly. By interpreting brain signals, the new AI system was able to create images of the faces that the study participants thought about.

Similar interfaces have been created so far to enable people to defeat words and move the cursor just by thinking. The future development of this field may help people with disabilities to have a better life. An AI system that can accurately convey a person’s thoughts will be needed to restore communication skills.

In the study, 31 people participated, with their team sequentially showing people’s faces before recording electrical activity in the brain at the same time. They were asked to concentrate on specific characteristics, such as a smiling or aged face.

The computer could identify specific activities taking place in the brain that occurred when a person imagined a face. Based on this information, the interface was able to generate new images.

According to the author of the study, Tuka Rutzalo, the device will help not only people with disabilities, but also people who want to draw or illustrate something, but can not – the computer will allow them to do so. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Technology is still in the early stages of development and it can only read such simple thoughts as the age, smile, or color of the person represented. However, the authors of the study believe that their work is important because it argues that the computer can decipher human thoughts based on electroencephalographic data.