A Startup Plans to Produce Meat in Space And on Other Planets
By admin - October 27, 2020

Israel-based startup Aleph Farms has announced a new initiative in which the company will work to produce healthy and quality meat. Among them, Aleph Farms will try to do this in an environment like other planets.

In other words, Aleph Farms wants meat production to be possible even where the goods are not physically available.

The idea of ​​producing meat in space is really interesting, however, at the moment this project involves only a few renders and a strategic partnership with various technology companies and the space agency.

Aleph Farms conducted its first experiment on the International Space Station last year with 3D Bioprinting Solutions. As part of the experiment, a 3D printer on a space station “assembled” a small piece of muscle tissue taken from animal cells.

“The limitations of deep space exploration are pushing for more efficient and energy-efficient meat production,” said Didier Tobias, co-founder of Aleph Farms.

Tobias says Aleph Farms’ mission is to find effective ways to produce meat that will benefit Earth, space and, in the future, other planets.