A Very Strange Radio Signal Is Coming From The Nearest Star
By admin - December 20, 2020

Scientists from the famous SETI group say they, from Proxima Centauri, our neighboring solar system, have detected a signal that may be coming from an alien civilization.

The news was first reported by The Guardian. The signal was discovered by Breakthrough Listen, a project based on the name of the late physicist Stephen Hawking, which aims to fix signs from alien civilizations.

This is the first serious candidate “Wow!” After the signal. ” – The researcher told the newspaper, which remains anonymous.

For reference, “Wow! Signal”, recorded in 1977, is considered to be the most promising discovery in the history of SETI.

According to a source in The Guardian, the signal has attracted the interest of researchers for several reasons. The first reason is that it is around 980 MHz, this is a band in which there are no human spacecraft. The second reason complements the first, the observed frequency is so variable as if it were coming from the surface of an exoplanet in orbit. As far as we know, Proxima is an exoplanet in the Centaur system, which is in a potential “settlement zone”.

Nevertheless, the scientific community maintains skepticism.

“The chance that this proxima is an artificial signal of a centaur is truly astonishing. However, we have long been looking for signs of alien civilizations. “This search is taking place in outer space, and the idea that such a civilization might be next to us in a neighboring star system is difficult for me personally to imagine,” Lewis Dartnell, an astrobiologist at the University of Westminster, told The Guardian. “However, I may be wrong and if someone proves it to me, I will only be happy,” he added.

The Guardian report was confirmed the same day by Scientific American. They say researchers are skeptical of the observed signal, but still do not completely rule out the traces of an alien civilization.

As we can see, scientists maintain skepticism, and most of them believe that the signal is probably not from an alien civilization, however, they rule out anything to the end. The only thing that everyone agrees on is that fixing such a signal will definitely help us and give us a great experience.