Adobe's New AI Technology Synchronizes Dance Moves With Music
By admin - October 27, 2020

TikTok has sparked a trend of rhythmic dancing and movement, but what happens when you drop out of tempo while recording, or does the video have any delays on your perfect movements? Nothing to worry about, Adobe can fix that.

The company presented a new, artificial intelligence experiment at its Adobe Max conference. In the video we see that the program provides synchronization of your movements that fall out of rhythm. As shown below, this algorithm uses small orange circles to record dance movements to determine the exact time of the movement.

The researchers also marked the bits of music with orange lines and applied them against the orange circles to see if the dance movements were in sync with the corresponding music.

Through this method of analysis, Adobe tries to match the rhythm and the corresponding movement, resulting in a perfectly synchronized video. The company said that this algorithm can take any video where people dance is recorded and synchronize them with any music, which will give the impression that they are dancing to the same music.

While this is just an experiment, this system will be quite handy for video editors and it will not be at all surprising if we see videos created with this program in a few years on Instagram and Tick.