After Rescuing A Lonely Elephant, Cher Frees The Gorilla
By admin - December 15, 2020

Bua Nua appeared in Thailand in 1988 and spent most of his life at the Patta Zoo, located on top of one of the malls in Bangkok.

When it comes to caring for animals, Cher does not sleep. In late November, the 74-year-old singer helped Kawan, “the loneliest elephant in the world,” who had lived alone in a Pakistani zoo for years. The elephant has a new house where there is enough space and many other elephants with whom it can make friends.


The rescue operation was led by the International Organization for Animal Welfare – Four Tats, along with Pakistani government, American businessman Eric Margol and the non-governmental organization Free The Wild, founded by Sherry. Cavan was taken to a wildlife conservation center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Sherry also met the elephant in person.

As the Guardian writes, before Cavan gets used to the new, protected house and meets new friends, Sherry’s attention is drawn to Bua Nua. Bua Nua is a mother gorilla found in Thailand in 1988 and locked up in Patta Zoo.

Sherim wrote to the Thai Minister of the Environment and expressed concern over the animal’s living conditions, which include a small cage, a slight mental load and limited access to the outside world.

According to the Guardian, Sherry expressed readiness in the letter to cover the costs of safe transportation to Bua Nua Congo.

With the help of an organization founded by Sherry, a number of animals were taken to protected habitats and high-quality zoos. She also wants to transport orangutans, gibbons and bonobos from Sherry Zoo.

According to Sky News, the minister has already responded to the letter, noting that they are working on a plan to move the animals from the zoo.

“I would like to inform you that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has never forgotten Bua Nua. Personally, I, as the Minister in charge of wildlife conservation, have already contacted the relevant agencies to find better ways of life for Bua Nua,” Sky News reported.

The director of Pata Zoo denies the allegations and says that none of the animals, including the bua nua, live in poor conditions.

“There is a rumor that we are starving animals, which is not true,” he said.

The zoo director invited Sherry to see the situation on the ground – “come and see how much care and love we show to the gorilla.”