Alan Rickman's Diaries is Published as a Book
By admin - November 23, 2020

A book of 27 manuscripts by the famous actor, Alan Rickman, which includes a “witty, eloquent and extremely sincere” reflection on the career and life of a film star, will be published 25 years after the beginning of writing.

The publisher Canongate said after gaining copyright to the actor’s diaries, the book, entitled The Diaries of Alan Rickman, will be released in the fall of 2022.

Rickmann started writing diaries by hand, with the intention of publishing them as a book in the future, in the early 1990s. By that time he had already played several important roles, and his acting career was on the rise. He continued to write for the next 25 years when he starred in cult films such as The Search for the Galaxy, Harry Potter, The Sense and the Mind, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and True Love. The actress wrote diaries until 2016, when she died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 69.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Cambridge Jones

The editor of Alan Rickman’s diaries will be Alan Taylor, who has bound the memoirs of Beatrice Potter, Dorothy Wordsworth and John Fowles into one book.

“I’m glad that Canongate publishes Alan ‘s diaries, and we probably could not have wished for a better editor than Alan Taylor,” said Rima Horton, Rickman’s ex – wife, with whom the actor lived until 1965. “With a real personality – a sense of humor, diligent character, amazing craftsmanship and a great love for art.”

According to Taylor, Rickman’s diaries are “funny, reluctant, witty, eloquent and extremely sincere, which makes it an excellent read. The diary itself describes the daily life of a world-renowned actor with true foresight.”

The blogs cover a variety of topics: acting, friendship, politics, and what will be a particularly interesting read for many fans – behind-the-scenes news, including from the Harry Potter movie set.

“But most of all, the diaries are still the face of the real Alan Rickman – funny, dedicated and sometimes challenging. This allows us to understand his art in a new way,” the publisher notes. “Alan’s diaries are written as if he were talking to a close friend. “The conveyed paragraphs create a perfect picture. Through it, we get to know the actor’s views and performances more closely. It is a very intimate, informative and fun text.”