American Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into A Dreamy Walking Home
By admin - September 28, 2020

We are entering an era of homeownership where many people choose to travel long distances instead of settling in one place, or moving frequently while working from home. However, the concept of a house has changed the pandemic even more, and having a quiet, stable place is not a bad idea.

Chicago Francesca and Nicholas combined these two concepts, quit their jobs and started a dream life. Their inspiration became a documentary, which made the couple decide to live in their youth in a way that was fun and adventurous rather than retiring.

They converted the old school bus into a house and the repairs cost a total of $ 60,000, which is much cheaper than buying a house in America.

Also, they can travel and work at the same time so that they do not have to worry about plants and pets – they are with them.

The interior of the walking house is decided in such colors and designs that it is impossible to disturb the coziness.

As for space, with the right design, it turned out to be enough to accommodate kitchen furniture and a fireplace shaped fireplace.

In addition to the bedroom, there is a 3-meter sofa on the bus that folds into the bed, which is especially good news for Nicholas and Francesca’s friends.

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