Apple Designer Jony Ive Will Work With Airbnb
By admin - October 23, 2020

Recently, Airbnb founder Brian Cesky announced that the company is launching a partnership with Johnny Ivy LoveFrom. LoveFrom will help Airbnb design products and services over the next few years.

While Ivy now heads LoveFrom, he became famous while working at Apple, where he worked with the team to design the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and Apple Watch.

Although Ivy left the tech giant in 2019, after 32 years of operation, Apple said it would continue to work with Ivy LoveFrom.

Airbnb did not say exactly what projects the former Apple designer will lead. However, it looks like Ivy will be involved in updating the Airbnb app and website.

In an email obtained by the Financial Times, Ivy Chesky wrote:

“I am very happy that we are looking at the world with equal curiosity and we are very concerned about both the creative process and new ideas. We have learned that despite the inherent tenderness of ideas, an idea can become perfect and powerful.”

Source: Engadget