Are Reishi Mushrooms Worth the Hype?
By Claire Miles - December 8, 2021

Reishi mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention lately. These are just one of many adaptogenic mushrooms filled with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. Mushrooms are known for their nutrition concentration. There are so many different varieties of mushrooms, they all come with a unique set of shapes, flavors, and health benefits. One mushroom specifically is the reishi mushroom, otherwise known as the lingzhi mushroom. They are usually grown in Asia and are known as the king of mushrooms when it comes to Chinese medicine. They have a reddish-orange color and have quite a bitter taste with a rough texture, so you are more likely to see this mushroom in powder form. Reishi mushrooms have existed for centuries, but are only getting attention now. Why? More and more people are getting interested in functional medicine and reaping the benefits of these highly adaptogenic plants,

Getty Images/Moment/Huizeng Hu

Although more research is needed to fully grasp the array of health benefits, they do show a lot of promise based on preliminary research. Research shows that there could be a link between reishi mushrooms and immune support. According to Kimberly Glen, RN, “Interest in health and disease prevention is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially with COVID-19 concerns. People are especially looking for ways to support their immune system, and reishi mushrooms have claims of boosting immunity.” They are also loaded with antioxidants which can protect our cells against DNA damage. They may also help with fatigue, brain health, and balancing blood sugar levels. Additionally, this magic mushroom could potentially help lower stress levels, anxiety, and balance out hormones.

With all the possible benefits this mushroom has to offer, you may be interested in buying some for yourself. You will want to make sure that you buy organic and spot products that are 100 percent reishi mushrooms. Most often than not, you can find this mushroom in powder form, dried, or put into a capsule. Due to its earthy taste, you can add reishi mushroom powder to smoothies, hot chocolate, or coffee to mask the flavor. Glen explains, “Remember that one ‘superfood’ alone cannot solve our diet problems or make us ‘healthy,’ especially one that hasn’t been proven yet. It’s the sum of all the efforts we put into our bodies: balanced nutrition, adequate hydration, sleep, physical activity, and stress reduction.”