Are Smart Cars The Future?
By Laura Lee - April 16, 2022

Over the last twenty years, there have been many advances in technology, from computers and cell phones to cars. We have seen the emergence of electric vehicles that have quickly taken over the discussion around what cars of the future should be like. With the introduction of these electric cars, we have seen more and more cars with new features that modernize the driving experience. These features include a variety of things like sensor technology, as well as technology that automates driving.

Getty Images/Moment/ Andriy Onufriyenko

Smart cars have taken the automotive world by storm, from improved navigation to cars that can essentially drive themselves it is clear that these cars are miles ahead of the competition. But what are the drawbacks? With all advancements in technology, there are certain aspects that may not be that good. We need to consider all the effects that the introduction of smart cars may have if we want to consider them the cars of the future. People who rely on the transportation industry for their income may have to find new ways to support themselves and their families. While the technology for these cars is some of the most advanced we have seen in years it is safe to say that it is not perfect.

These cars are not built for rough terrain or sharp corners. If you were planning any long-distance trips in your smart car you will have to watch out for potholes and rolling landscapes. When we add something to a car we have to remove something else and it seems that engineers have had to sacrifice the suspension of their cars to include everything they wanted. But we should not count smart cars out just yet as engineers are working very hard to improve this. The goal is to create smart cars that incorporate the best of new technology as well as the aspects of traditional cars that we have come to expect in every car.