Are There Any Intentional Errors In The Google Logo?
By admin - November 28, 2020

Do you think the letter “G” in the Google logo is intentional?

To answer this question there has long been a debate between designers and consumers. Many argued that this logo was full of errors, geometric inaccuracies and needed to be redesigned, and some, on the contrary, thought that the designer had made such mistakes in the process of creating the logo from the very beginning.

I wonder how one of the designers proves that mistakes in this logo are not accidentally made:

British designer Will Patterson has recorded a very interesting video, which explains why there are no geometric errors in the Google logo, moreover, he believes that this logo is “optically ideal”.

Patterson visually explains how optical balance is maintained in a logo with the help of inaccuracies.

Why is yellow used in the smallest doses?

Will answers this question as follows: “Yellow is a very dazzling and bright color compared to other colors, so it was necessary to reduce its number so that all colors were equally perceptible to the viewer.”

Watch the video in which you will see a detailed discussion of all the components.