Art as a Stress Reliever and Relaxation Tool
By Laura Lee - November 9, 2022

Where art covers every aspect of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the homes we live in and the modes of transportation we use, and from entertaining our communities to uplifting, empowering, and educating us, it also works as a relaxation tool for us when we are sad, depressed, or mentally upset, bringing a smile on our face whether we are making an art piece or just looking at it.

Getty Images / Stockbyte / Andrew Bret Wallis

Art and creativity are incredibly effective tools for coping with adversity. Making space for art and indulging in creative pursuits can improve our general health and wellness by allowing us to focus on ourselves, feel relaxed, and take note of our surroundings. When stressed people use art as a therapy for relaxation or stress relief, their cortisol levels drop significantly. Cortisol is a hormone that occurs in high quantities when people are stressed. When we are worried or stressed, we need someone to communicate our thoughts. Art becomes our best companion when it comes to conveying our thoughts. We can keep sketchbooks and draw on them anything we feel or worry about. Transferring our ideas to paper makes us feel lighter, allows us to center ourselves, and provides us with some peace from racing thoughts. So, in this way, drawing, painting, and other kinds of creativity can help relieve stress.

Similarly, coloring may appear childish, yet it has significant benefits, such as mental calmness. Coloring can assist our brain in ultimately slowing down and relaxing. It has been shown to interact with our amygdala. Coloring promotes mindfulness and is especially beneficial for individuals who are always anxious. Art even relaxes us if we look at the artwork and take a long breath. Ultimately, art therapy can assist individuals of all ages to alleviate stress. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, grief, or depression, art therapy can surely assist you in figuring out new ways to express yourself, decrease stress, and relax.