Art In Our Everyday Lives
By Alexandra Wade - June 22, 2022

There is a lot of buzz around art- whether it be museums, famous artists, or including young children in art classes. Art is considered to be beneficial for human health, in terms of boosting creativity, and all of its associated cognitive benefits. Art pushes us to look beyond the obvious, in everything around us. Art does not just have to be a painting on campus, it can be nature, it can be food, or it can be the very humans, animals, and plants around us. Focusing on the art around us is a great way to boost one’s well-being.

Getty Images/Moment/Jasmin Merdan

Noticing the art in our everyday lives pushes us to be more positive; by focusing on the beauty around us. This is not something one learns overnight; it is a process. Albeit, a long one. But one that is surely worth it. Looking out for art all around us, in everything that surrounds us, is also a characteristic of all famous artists. It can also assist aspiring artists to gain inspiration. It is not only a source of inspiration when it comes to capturing the natural landscape onto a canvas, but it can also be the source of motivation to include more nature in homes and offices. Sustainable architecture, for instance, is making strides in the face of climate change.

Art also has a noticeable presence in the food we eat. Different cultures around the world prepare dishes in various ways. It involves the art of combining different ingredients- spices, meats, vegetables, and broths- to create a delicious meal. People from around the world combine their food-related traditions, giving rise to countless fusion cuisines. You can see the art forming when you cook or bake, even if it is something as simple as brownies or pasta!