Authors That You Should Definitely Read
By Andrew Parker - October 25, 2022

LJ Shen lives in California with her husband and is one of the most famous authors for her contemporary romance novels. Her book, ‘The Kiss Thief,’ is about Francesa who falls in love with Angelo who is from a very powerful and well-known family in Chicago. She falls in love with her fiancé like you fell the first time with all of your senses not working and will do anything for him. But when a villain comes into your love story and decides to destroy your first love. Senator Wolfe has something on her dad which leaves him helpless and Francesa has to marry Wolfe whom she resents for separating her from Angelo. She is married to him and then has to live with him for the rest of her life. Two men who will kill her tangle in this mesmerizing love story where the reader will be captivated till the end.

Another of her prominent series is ‘Sinners of Saint’ where the main lead Emilia is a sweet and thoughtful girl who is a passionate artist. Her schoolmate and bully, Vicious, hates her and troubles her throughout her school life. He hates with a passion but as they say, there is a thin line between love and hate. Emilia leaves her hometown because of him and goes to New York to make a better life for herself. She meets Vicious there again and this time he has no plans to let her leave him again. LJ Shen has overdone herself with this phenomenal novel which is the perfect escape for all the romantics out there. The story is perfect for people to believe in love again and see that nobody is perfect and has demons that they want to hide from the world. This book is a perfect warm hug for you when days get a little chilly.