Benefits of Cold Showers
By Laura Lee - April 18, 2023

We frequently hear about high-profile people—actors, athletes, boxers—or even ordinary people—choosing to take cold showers or baths despite the freezing temperature. Although we may think that individuals do it to relax or relieve their itchy skin, this isn’t the only reason. An ice bath often has a number of long-lasting advantages. So, let’s examine the benefits of ice baths in more detail.

Getty Images / DigitalVIsion / John Slater

Firstly, a cold shower can improve your circulation since the cold water constricts blood flow as soon as it touches your skin and exterior limbs. In order to maintain your optimal body temperature your body forces the blood in your innermost tissues to circulate more quickly. Secondly, taking a cold shower makes you more attentive and physically active, which makes it easier for you to do your task. Thirdly, taking cold showers helps maintain healthy skin and hair. While taking a hot shower might help you open pores and eliminate toxins that have built up in your skin over the day, taking a cold shower helps your skin appear younger by tightening pores temporarily. Cold showers are also great for your hair’s health since they make it stronger, shinier, and healthier by flattening the hair follicles and enhancing its capacity to adhere to the scalp.

Cold water also promotes muscle recovery. After exercising, taking a cold shower helps to reduce muscle pain. Cold showers also ease anxiety and reduce stress. Undoubtedly, getting into a cold shower is difficult, but if you do it frequently, you build up a tolerance for the stress. By training your nervous system to be more stress-resistant, cold showers help you become more emotionally robust. As soon as you step into a cold shower, you will experience the pleasure they provide, forget about your troubles, and start enjoying the cold shower. Since it takes great willpower to take a cold shower on a chilly day, taking cold showers also helps you develop a strong will.