Benefits of Lavender Oil
By Alexandra Wade - April 20, 2022

Lavender Oil is an essential oil that is derived from lavender. It has multiple benefits for skin, hair, and nails. Lavender Oil works great for acne and is an anti-inflammatory oil that kills bacteria on the skin. Gently applying lavender oil on acne with a cotton swab will help one to get rid of bacterial acne. Furthermore, you can also mix this oil with witch hazel and apply it gently. To get rid of even more stubborn acne, mix argan oil with lavender oil and apply generously on active acne spots.

Getty Images/Moment/ Iryna Veklich

Get rid of dry skin with lavender oil

After showering mix Epsom salt with lavender oil and rinse your body with it. This will not only calm your muscles but will remove all the dry and flaky skin and give you that soft baby-like skin. This will also help people with eczema. The lavender oil deeply nourishes the skin from the inside. It can also treat psoriasis by lessening the redness and irritation. Furthermore, a grandmother hack goes by mixing lavender oil and tea tree oil and applying it on eczema-prone skin. This will not only heal the skin but nourish the skin.

Insect Repellent

Lavender Oil is also known for being the perfect, budget-friendly mosquito repellant. Even commercial mosquito repellent products contain large amounts of lavender oil in them. It can even work on sting bites. Lavender Oil mixed with water can be sprayed on the body and hands to avoid mosquitos and stings biting on your skin.

Treat wounds and cuts

A 2016 study shows that lavender oil promotes the formation of tissues. This fact instigated scientists to use lavender oil for soldiers in the army who found it extremely helpful. Lavender Oil not only helped with the tissue formation but also deep cleaned the wounds which inhibited further spread of the infection.