Best Art Books To Read
By Claire Miles - December 11, 2022

Are you a budding artist or just someone who’s interested in art and is up for some more learning? Then you’ve come to the right place. Avid readers and art enthusiasts unite! We have the perfect list of art books just for you! These are must-reads if you want to expand your horizons and get inspiration for your own potential artworks and masterpieces.

Getty Images / Moment / Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman

The Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist is a book written by Stephen Rogers. It is one of the books that every artist recommends since it includes detailed images that show the muscles, bones, and much more. This book aids the artists in understanding the variations in human anatomy for adults, women, men, children, and people of various body sizes. It depicts the human figure from a very technical standpoint, which is important for all artists to understand. We recommend you to get this if you require a deeper understanding of how to draw the human body.

Robert Henri wrote “The Art Spirit” nearly a century ago. It is among the best-selling books on creativity and art and is one of the most important publications for artists to look up to. It is a salient read and offers insights into the thoughts of the most significant artists in America. This ingenious book offers advice on both creating art and developing as an artist. The Art Spirit is a fascinating but entertaining book to read.

Austin Kleon is the author of “Steal Like An Artist” This book has some fantastic concepts that all designers, architects, and artists should use. The book is brimming with brilliant ideas for all types of artists, including musicians, painters, writers, and architects. It is a brief but significant book that demonstrates the difficulties facing contemporary artists today. It is extremely versatile and can even help you find your interests and inspirations.