Bond's Number is Up: Black Female Actor 'Is The New 007'
By admin - November 11, 2020

Lashanna Lynch, who plays Nome in No Time To Die, has confirmed that she will take over the title of Agent 007 from James Bond.

Lynch will appear in Bond’s 25th official film, which is scheduled to premiere in April 2021 after it was twice delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the film, Lynch will play the role of a completely new character, Nome. In No Time To Die, Daniel Craig will take on the role of James Bond for the fifth and final time and will leave this post after 15 years of incarnation of one of all the cult characters in cinema.

Kerry Fukunaga’s No Time To Die also stars Rami Malek as Safin – a mysterious villain whose face is covered in rags – and Anna de Armas as Paloma – a CIA agent and Bond girl whom the actor calls strong and realistic. The film also stars Lea Seidu and Christoph Waltz, who will return to roles in Specter, Dr. Medellin Swan and Blofeld, respectively.

There were still rumors in 2019 that Lynch would play the role of the new agent 007, however now Harper’s Bazaar has already confirmed this and said that Nomi has replaced James Bond in the movie world after the latter completed his duties.

In addition to confirming the fact, Lynch also talked about how big a responsibility it is to take on this role. He says that it is true that the attacks on him on the social network are very painful, which is why he had temporarily canceled the account, but he understands that these attacks did not apply to him personally and for a black woman adjusting Agent 007’s cloak is much bigger than one person:

I’m one black woman – if any other black woman were approved for the role, the exact same thing would happen and she would be attacked and insulted in the same way. I just have to remind myself that talking about it is going on and that I am part of something that will be very, very revolutionary.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Jeff Spicer

Lynch’s confirmation of the new 007 coincides with what we saw in the last trailer for No Time To Die, in which Nomi is equal to Craig Bond character and goes with him to the main mission. How well Lynch’s character fits into the new title is a whole other matter, given that there were hints in the trailer that Bond would be betrayed by another character who might have been a nominee if the traitor Medellin Swan or Paloma was not as likely.

Still, it’s very exciting to think that No Time To Die will be a Bond movie in which the Secret Agent confronts not only the main villain, but also his partner, who is as right-wing as him, and who may prove to be a better version of 007. , Than Craig Bond ever was. Let’s hope Lynch portrays the character with dignity, and, given his comments on responsibility, we probably will.