Bridging Divides through Expressionist Art
By Laura Lee - August 16, 2022

Art is something that has been around since the stone age. As time goes on, it has evolved into so much more than just cave paintings. It has also become something that millions of people can enjoy, even if they don’t speak the same language. That is the great thing about art. People don’t need to know anything about each other, but as soon as they stand in a gallery looking at the same piece of art, they automatically have something in common. With that said, there are several different art styles that you can explore. Simply take a look.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Barwick

The first and more popular form of art would be the Expressionism movement. The Expressionism movement became increasingly popular between 1905 and 1920. This form of art was especially popular in Germany and Austria. Now, you may be wondering what exactly Expressionism is. Well, it is simply a way to express emotional experiences instead of the physical reality of life. When looking out for artwork in the expressionism movement, you should look for art that makes use of exaggeration, dynamic art application, and fantasy. This tends to express the artist’s inner feelings and ideas.

Within the Expressionism movement, there is the Abstract Expressionism subsection. This art style brings together a wide variety of American 20th-century art movements. You will notice that this movement includes sculptures, large painted canvases, and several other media. Now, when you look at large painted canvases in the Abstract Expressionism movement, you will notice that these pieces of art have spontaneous brush strokes and even the effect of dripping paint. There are several different art styles that can’t all be mentioned, but be sure to visit an art gallery and check them out to see exactly what we are talking about.