Burger King To Break The Mold With New Advertising Campaign
By admin - December 16, 2020

“Molded Burger” is a very bad word agreement, it is obvious that these two words do not fit together.

The burger is associated with delicious, juicy, aromatic ingredients for the consumer, and what does the word “mold” have to do with it?

The “Burger King” ad was one of the most memorable ads. He used sincerity to advertise his product and decided to show an expired and unusable burger instead of a nice and attractive burger.

All natural products have a shelf life, after which their useful properties are lost and it becomes unfit for human consumption. The brand also came out of this idea, it decided to show it expired in order to show the naturalness and health of its ingredients.

This method worked very well, the advertising covered the whole social media, there was a difference of opinion, arguing, increased sales, the brand grabbed new audiences, received a marketing award.

People, when they see that you are telling them the truth, they are more trusting and distinguish you between several brands. Imagine two natural juice companies that you trust more: the one that tells you that its juice is 100% natural, or the one that tells you that its juice is 95% natural.

So are relationships between people, the more you trust someone who even tells you the bad truth. Sincerity helps to personify a brand, it is not associated with a cold unknown company, but with a person who sincerely talks to you about their own product.

Did you like the Burger King ad?