BuzzFeed Quizzes You Need To Take
By Penelope Trent - May 1, 2022

We are all victims of procrastination. What’s the best thing to do while you have loads of work piled up? Procrastinate, of course. For most of us, this means mindlessly scrolling through our social. However, unfortunately, this does tend to get mundane and boring. So what is an excellent way to spice up your procrastination time? Buzzfeed quizzes! This article has some excellent recommendations of Buzzfeed Quizzes that you can take right before a big deadline.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Bennett Raglin

Time and again we have all wondered what our future will look like. A common resort to answer these uncertainties can be taking Buzzfeed quizzes. But how do you know if these are even accurate? Well, here is the trick. To check the validity and accuracy of BuzzFeed quizzes you can take the quiz which predicts what will happen to you in a year that has already passed. There is one for 2019, and if this is accurate, then you can take one for the current year or the year to come, and you will know it’s right! At some point in our lives, everyone has wondered when they will get married.

The question is a tricky one to answer, especially for all the single lads out there who have had no mates to go out on for weeks. But somehow, they still have their entire wedding planned. To quench this curiosity, you can take a BuzzFeed quiz that tells you the date you will get married, depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to have. Interesting, no? After all, even if the date turns out to be inaccurate, what is there to lose? There are plenty of other hilarious BuzzFeed quizzes you can take. Some of the other best ones tell you if you are capable of finding your way to New York City from the North Pole or what Zodiac Sign you will be kissing on New Year’s Eve.