Canadian Tourist Returns Stolen Artefacts From Pompeii And Claims They Are 'Cursed'
By admin - October 14, 2020

A tourist who stole fragments from the ancient city of Pompeii 15 years ago has returned the artifacts, saying they were “cursed”.

A Canadian woman, Nicole, sent a parcel containing two pieces of mosaic – amphora and other pottery – to Pompeii, southern Italy, with a letter of acknowledgment.

Nicole, who was still in her early 20s when she visited the Pompeii Archaeological Park in 2005, blamed this little theft on failures that would pay off in later years, including double breast cancer and financial difficulties.

“Please get it back, they bring bad luck,” he wrote.

He wrote that at the time of the theft he wanted to have that part of history “that no one else could have”, although these ancient relics had “too much negative energy associated with the land of destruction”.

Pompey ah. წ. After the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79, it was buried in volcanic ash and remained so until it was rediscovered in the 16th century, which provided us with a great deal of information about the life of the classical world.

The ancient site is one of the most visited sights in Italy, from which tourists have been stealing for years.

Nicole wrote in the letter that she had learned to be smart and was asking for “forgiveness from God”.