Catherine O'Hara Going Viral On TikTok Recreating 'Home Alone 2'
By admin - December 2, 2020

He even forgot about Kevin, but we did not forget Catherine O’Hara!

O’Hara’s video, in which he repeats a famous scene from the movie alone at home, went viral on TikTok months after its creation.

In the video, which is home alone 2: Lost in New York, the modern O’Hara shouts the phrase “Kevin!” When he realizes that his son Kevin – played by Macaulay Calkin – has stayed home for the second time.

The video was posted on TickTock last month and has since garnered more than 3.6 million views. He’s Josh runs from the episode of Reunited Apart, which was created in honor of director John Hughes. The stars of his films brought some famous phrases to life, and at the end of the episode, O’Hara appeared.