China Has Launched The Sichuan Nuclear Power Plant
By admin - December 6, 2020

A reactor made in China will one day be able to generate energy by combining atoms without the likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe and greenhouse gas emissions. Standard nuclear reactors separate atoms.

To do this, the system reactor must be very hot. More specifically, it must have melted ten times the temperature of the solar core and reached 150 million degrees.

Despite the difficulties, the international community is investing billions of dollars in this technology because such a thermonuclear reactor has enormous potential.

Engineers have recently begun construction of a similar reactor in southern France, with 35 countries participating in the project. Energy independence is important for many countries in the world. In addition, scientists are trying to develop clean energy sources that will help us reduce global emissions.

China’s thermonuclear reactor is bringing humanity closer to that goal. However, there is still a lot of work to be done.