Chris Pratt Asks Chris Hemsworth To Stop Training
By admin - November 23, 2020

Recently, actress Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of her workout on Instagram, in which her biceps are approaching a comic size.

Getty Images/WireImage/Jun Sato

Chris Pratt, who is known for his jokes, left a comment on the photo and asked his roommate to stop doing so much exercise. reason? The actors appear together on screen in Tori 4 and Chris Pratt does not want to be overshadowed by a colleague.

“Hey, now I talked to my trainer and he asked me to let him stop training. We will be in one movie next year and I do not want to stand by you if he was in such shape. So you will help me a lot if you suddenly gain 10-12 kilos” , – says Chris Pratt in a comment.

Hemsworth wrote in response to the comment: “Do not worry, friend. We can both use the filter in this photo. It is called Instashred.”

The actors last played together in the 2019 Avengers: Endgame.