Cold Or Hot Shower - Which Is Better For Our Health?
By admin - October 1, 2020

If you enjoy taking a hot shower in the morning, you are not alone. Many people like to swim in hot water, but a cold shower also has many advantages and you can find its place in your daily routine. Scientists say that both hot and cold showers have a positive effect on health. In this article, we will tell you about their useful properties.

Advantages of a cold shower

Helps you wake up in the morning

When cold water touches the body, we get a little shock sometimes. During this shock, the level of oxygen in the body, the speed of blood circulation, and heart rate increase.

Soothes the skin when itching

Dr. Adam Friedman, MD, says that if you have acne or any skin condition, taking a cold shower can help ease the urge to itch.

Improves blood circulation

this is the main reason why experts recommend a cold shower. When water touches the skin and limbs, blood enters into the bundles and moves at a faster rate to achieve the ideal body temperature. It also reduces inflammatory processes and disease risks.

Reduces muscle swelling after exercise

Cold water allows the muscles to relax and regain strength after intense exercise or strenuous physical activity. The regenerative function of cold water plays a major role in this.

Helps you lose weight

Fat is burned in the body even when the body is exposed to cold conditions. Some fat cells, such as the brown fat needed for thermoregulation, secrete heat by burning fat. Such cells are mostly located around the neck and shoulders and the entire load falls on them during the shower.

Makes skin and hair glossier

Health expert Jacqueline Schaefer says that cold water improves blood circulation, thus making the skin more shining. Unlike hot water, cold water does not dry out the protective barrier of the skin and hair, therefore the hair becomes stronger and healthier over time.

Despite the long list of advantages, taking a cold water shower also has its disadvantages:

A cold shower may not be a good idea if the body is cold. At such times the body will have to expend more energy to balance the temperature.

Also, it is not worth swimming in cold water if you are sick. This may cause problems for your immune system.

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Advantages of a hot shower

After a long and tiring day, a hot shower is the best solution for relaxation and easy sleep. Scientists say that a hot shower before bedtime relaxes the muscles because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. The advantages of hot water are:

Relieves the symptoms of colds and respiratory diseases

Standing in a hot shower and steaming in the bath has long been considered a natural remedy for colds and cough symptoms.

Relaxes muscles

Hot water relieves the feeling of fatigue in the muscles and stretching in the body.

Nevertheless, it also has negative effects. However, it is not necessary to refuse a hot shower at all, you can just cool it down a bit and then take care of your skin.

On the downside, the hot water dries and irritates the skin. It damages the skin’s protective barrier – the epidermis. It also aggravates some skin diseases and may cause itching. In addition, for those who suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, taking a hot shower is not recommended.

Which one is better?

Both hot and cold showers have their advantages. However, as scientists say, ideally it is better if you bathe in lukewarm water and apply a moisturizing cream on damp skin.

The second approach is known as a contrast shower, in which you stand in as cold water as possible for one minute and as hot as possible for the next one minute. Repeat this three or five times. Simply put, when cold water narrows blood vessels, most of the blood will move deeper into the body, while hot water will dilate the blood vessels and start moving more to the surface. This provides equal blood supply to the muscles and internal organs and helps to restore the tissues and expel toxic substances from the body. However, before using this method, it is better to take into account your health condition.