Color Blocking Techniques
By Claire Miles - March 5, 2023

You must have read or heard about “color blocking” at least once in the previous year. It simply means to pair two or three contrasting colors to make a bold statement. It is the new trend in fashion designing, event planning, and graphic designing in 2022. It was initiated back in the 1960s in a runaway show. With this initiation, other designers also started to look for ways to push their boundaries away from horizons by doing color experimentation.

Nature color blocks by creating an assortment of hues of blues and blacks in a sea and by assorting greens, reds, and oranges in a garden. By understanding the interaction of different shades, a designer uses it to his advantage to create beautiful color-blocked fabrics. These fabrics add freshness and spirit to the personality of an individual. Usually nowadays, designers follow a color palette of three colors. Most of the time, the designers follow the theory of the “rule of the thirds,” where they choose colors on any side of the equilateral triangle. By doing so, they create fabrics with fantastic color schemes that complement an individual’s personality.


In graphic design, one must create a color palette for the project. For that, you either have to choose complementary colors, which are opposite to each other on the color wheel, or you have to select analogous colors, or you can use a mix of complementary and similar colors.

In interior design, contrasting colors can bring a refreshing look to the room. It can help to define specific living spaces or can help to bring attention to a particular area of the room. It’s up to you to decide on the space or the color palette; the basic idea is to use the contrast in colors within the same area.