COVID-19 Vaccines Sell On The Black Market In China
By admin - November 19, 2020

In China, with the COVID-19 experimental vaccine, the safety of which has not yet been fully studied, more and more people are being vaccinated. The New York Times reports about this.

People stand in the immunization queue for hours, and as it turns out, one vaccine on the black market costs them $ 600 to $ 1,500. Their main suppliers are speculators affiliated with pharmaceutical companies.

“Some people are especially grateful that I helped him,” one of the speculators said in an interview with the publication.

Others get the vaccine in more legal ways. To do this, they say they are going on a business trip.

“I feel calmer because I’m safe now. Since they were allowed to be used in emergencies, it gives some guarantees,” said Ethan Chan, a 26 – year – old translator.

Currently, three of the four Chinese vaccines are in the final stages of research. This means that tens of thousands of government officials are being fired through them. Although the study is not yet complete, for official Beijing it is not a deterrent.

In contrast, the situation in the United States is radically different: the number of people who refuse to be vaccinated is increasing. At least with the first generation vaccines at least when the latter becomes available. The anti-science government is also contributing to the growing distrust of vaccines, which is not really foreign to the Trump administration.

Currently, the results of a study of two potential vaccine candidates are already known. As it turns out, their efficiency is 95%. However, the distribution and availability of the vaccine is still a big question mark.