Covid Antibodies Last Six Months in The Human Body - Research
By admin - November 22, 2020

According to a new study, coronavirus antibodies stay in the body for up to six months, which protects a person from becoming infected during this period.

The study was conducted at Oxford University Hospital with the participation of staff working here. These people were regularly tested for both Covid-19 and antibodies to the virus, the presence of which indicated that the virus had already been transmitted to the body. The more antibodies there are in the human body, the lower the likelihood that they will become infected with the virus again at a given time.

Another study showed that the immunity generated by infection with other Covid viruses also protects people from the coronavirus.

Moving Covid-19 once offers short-term protection against a second infection.

The Oxford University study involved more than 12,000 people, 11,000 of whom had no Covid-19 antibodies.

When infected with a virus, antibodies build up in the human body. They protect the human immune system and human cells from being attacked by a virus.

At the beginning of the study, of the people who did not find antibodies, only 89 developed symptomatic infection.

None of the people who tested for Covid-19 antibodies showed any symptomatic infection during the study period.

Three people who found antibodies in the body were also confirmed to have coronavirus, although they showed no symptoms of infection. In 76 people, neither antibodies nor coronavirus were found.

T-lymphocytes during cooling

A study by Public Health England looked at T-lymphocytes – cells that provide immune responses to infection.

The researchers found that a quarter of the people in the study had high levels of T-lymphocytes. T-lymphocytes detect coronavirus in human blood, although the strange thing was that half of these people did not carry Covid-19.

At the end of the study, it was noted that the high content of T-lymphocytes and consequently the high immunity against the coronavirus were produced by humans after the transmission of already transmitted viruses, such as colds. These people are protected from Covid-19 for up to 4 months after recovery, regardless of whether they have the virus.

Dr. Rupert Biel from the Franz Creek Institute noted that, nevertheless, high levels of T-lymphocytes are not observed in even 10% of adults.

However, a study conducted this year showed that by looking so roughly at antibodies alone, we may not be able to properly assess how well T-lymphocytes protect people from infection.