Date Night at the Museum
By Laura Lee - August 18, 2022

We all will understand how first dates tend to get extremely awkward, however, we have a solution for you. One issue that most couples face is deciding places to visit together. They can not come up with ideas that appeal to both of them, so they tend to get lost in the loop of deciding a place for their first date. Many people are extremely introverted and sitting in a restaurant may not seem like a perfect idea. You might not have anything to say. Visiting an art museum can be fun and exciting, but can also help you find reasons to connect and talk to each other. 

It is a common misconception that museum dates are boring and not fun, however, you will realize that once you visit the place it can be more fun than most of your dates. Every piece in the museum will spark new ideas for you to talk about. You can discuss the art pieces, the lights, the locations, and even the history of the place. You both can talk about your opinions on each art piece which will help you both understand each other and deeply analyze the artistic mind. You may then interpret the conversation and realize if that person is actually for you or not. Another important reason to visit a museum for your date is budget. If you are a student you can easily visit a museum for much cheaper as compared to visiting a cinema or a fancy restaurant. Most cinemas cost around $50 for a ticket and it is somewhat extremely expensive. If you save up the money, you can always go for a late-night coffee run later and even rent a DVD and watch a movie together, all snuggled up.