Dealing With an Emotional Breakdown
By Alexandra Wade - July 16, 2022

Although it is frequently used, “emotional breakdown” is not a recognized word in clinical psychology. However, there are two different definitions in common usage. First, an emotional breakdown is described as a psychological condition. It is a means to hide a more severe illness that would otherwise be stigmatized by the public and is socially acceptable. Second, the phrase “emotional breakdown” may describe a person’s collapse when they cannot handle their current situation. Uncontrollable crying spells, seclusion from loved ones, and a lack of capacity to interact with daily life are a few examples of this.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Tim Robberts

When genuinely experiencing an emotional challenge, your feelings may feel overpowering. Your mind would be clouded and confused by various emotions, leaving you empty, powerless, and most importantly, ignorant. It is hard; that much is certain. But you must be aware of your feelings. Finding a reliable person to confide in or express your feelings to, in all honesty, is the most challenging but successful method of controlling chaotic emotions. For this, you’ll need a lot of guts and endurance. Catastrophic thinking frequently results in an emotional collapse. It may result from stressful situations that spiral out of control or extended periods of mentally reliving gloomy circumstances. It would help if you focused on the here and now, no matter what.

The past is the place to reflect on how the past has influenced you. It belongs in the future to consider how terrifying the future may be. So stop worrying about what-if scenarios and stop discussing the same old problems. Remind yourself that the current moment is the only one in which you can take action. Practical measures would also need to be taken to deal with emotional breakdown. One of them is creating a log of their moods in a journal. Get your diary and list every emotion you are now experiencing if you are experiencing a tremendous, overwhelming surge of emotions and are worried about becoming lost in it or losing control over it. Use coarse language to describe whatever occurs to you, your mood, or whatever is on your mind.