Developing an Optimistic Mindset
By Andrew Parker - December 12, 2022

When faced with a difficult life, developing a positive outlook takes many practice exercises and patience. At times, having a positive outlook in the face of suffering seems contradictory. But if you find yourself wrapped in negativity, you can always take steps to increase your tendency towards optimism.

Getty Images / Moment / Yana Iskayeva

According to research studies, staying optimistic is also beneficial for your health. It keeps your heart and mind healthy, helps you to stay motivated, and boosts your immunity.
Injecting positivity is the most important thing if one wants to go forward in one’s life. It improves the quality of your life but improves the people surrounding you too. Developing an optimistic mindset is not magic and will not happen overnight. It certainly would not solve your problems, but it would make your situation more manageable. It will help you to seek out ways in impossible situations.

You should start taking even negative things in the most positive manner possible for a positive mindset. It may seem proverbial and even cliché to you, but every situation has a silver lining. When faced with any challenge, ask yourself, “Why is this adversity the best thing ever happened to me?”

Instead of focusing on the negatives, try to focus on the “positives.” Ignoring the difficulties in life is not a promising idea but replaying those moments in your moment, again and again, is a futile exercise. For example, try expressing gratitude for having empathetic colleagues instead of getting angry at your boss’s behavior. This mindset will not only keep you rejuvenated, but also it will help you to seek better solutions. But trying to be positive in grief or matters of loss is not recommended. In those tough times, instead of seeking positivity, channel your energies to seeking self-compassion.