Does Creativity Have A Measure?
By admin - October 16, 2020

How do you think creativity can change human behavior?

People are constantly looking for something new, interesting and creative. One creative poster can change attitudes, impressions, decisions and behaviors. Almost everyone wants to create something original, something that will surprise and delight the customer at the same time.

Awarded to work that can change the world.


Awarded to work that can change a person’s lifestyle.

Awarded to work that can influence a person’s thinking and feelings. It is a type of content that is both entertaining, interesting and informative.

This is the case when an idea becomes a source of inspiration for a person, an inspiration that can radically change his daily life.

An idea that is a carrier of new information and increases human consciousness.

When the author of the work understands the purpose and aspiration of the brand.

A case where the author of a work does not understand what distinguishes a brand.

There is no emotional connection between the idea and the people. The idea is simply overlooked.

Is a work, is not a concept, is not an idea.

When the work is simply a waste of time and resources.