Drinking Alcohol and Living Together Without Marriage Become Legal in UAE
By admin - November 9, 2020

In the United Arab Emirates, the so-called The lenient sentence for the murder of dignity has been changed. It also repealed a law banning couples living without marriage and legalizing alcohol consumption.

Also, foreigners residing in the state will be able to benefit from the laws of their own country when divorcing and inheriting. They will no longer be required to comply with UAE law based on Islamic religious law.

A country in which migrants make up more than one in nine citizens has long regarded itself as a modern destination for modern business and tourism internationally and does not always strictly enforce its own legislation. Due to the lack of a tolerant approach, the emirates’ reputation in foreign countries is shaken. For example, there is a law in the country that provides for the arrest of a woman victim of rape.

The aim of the new reforms is to “strengthen the principles of tolerance in the United Arab Emirates.” It first changes the norms for those in the home. The Emirates is the host country for next year’s World Exposition, and the changes are likely to be related to that. Due to the coronavirus, 25 million visitors are expected to attend the gathering, which is one year late.

“I am happy with the new progressive laws. 2020 has been a tough and transformative year for the United Arab Emirates,” local director Abdallah al-Kaabi told the Associated Press. His work echoes taboo topics in art such as homosexual love and gender identity.

Until now, judges in the UAE could have handed down light sentences when a woman was attacked or killed by a relative, and this crime was so called. He was justified in killing his dignity and saving his family reputation. The reason for such crimes was a woman’s friendship, relationship or running away with a man.

Human Rights Watch CEO Kenneth Roth called the changes a step forward for women’s rights, but expressed concern about the children of Dubai Governor Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. According to the UK, her children were abducted from the UK, including from one of Cambridge streets. According to the court, the abduction of the two women was organized by Al Maktoum and now his children are being deprived of their liberty.

The new UAE law also provides for harsher punishments for men who harass women in any way. However, the changes did not reflect the decriminalization of restrictions such as homosexuality, public expression of love, or the existence of a free dress style.

Although alcohol is sold in restaurants and bars in Emirati cities, individuals needed a license to buy or store it at home. The new law allows Muslims who could not obtain this permit to drink alcohol freely.