Dua Lipa is Launching A Lifestyle Brand, Service95
By Rebecca Rodriguez - December 4, 2021

Dua Lipa, the pop star sensation, is now a lifestyle guru. She will be launching a self-curated platform, Service95, where she will showcase “words, stories, cultural recommendations” and more. She will be sharing her favorite voices in fashion, beauty, the arts, politics, as well as global issues. Dua Lipa explained, “I am a big reader and I think of myself as fairly plugged-in. But I’ve noticed a shift over the past year or two when it comes to what I want to read, and what I’m most drawn to. So my hope is that Service95 will really broaden the types and scopes of stories that you’ll be able to read, covering topics in ways that you probably wouldn’t read elsewhere.” She wants to bring things that are under the radar into the light. Those that are subscribed to the platform will be updated with “up-to-the-minute intel on everything and anything” along with a personal weekly letter from Lipa herself.

Getty Images/Wirelmage/Xavi Torrent

Supposedly, this endeavor has been in the works since the beginning of the lockdown. She spread the news to her fans via her Twitter and Instagram account with a two-minute video where she explains the concept behind Service95. She wrote, “I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for the longest time, and now that it’s ready I hope you’ll let me guide you through some of my favourite things I’ve discovered around the world over the years.” In an interview with Vogue, Lipa also mentioned that there will be a podcast that will accompany the platform called “At Your Service,” where she will interview various special guests such as activists and celebrity friends. People are even making a comp[arison to her platform with Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop empire which started as a free email newsletter.

What differentiates Lipa’s platform from Goop is her addition of grassroots voices and discussing important issues in an attainable way. Lipa explained, “That element is really important to me. The whole idea is sharing information and helping each other.” This passion project of hers comes right after her runway debut at Milan Fashion Week in which she opened up Versace’s spring 2022 show. Although we don’t have an exact date of the launch, it plans to go live sometime in early 2022 as she prepares for her Future Nostalgia world tour. She likes to stay as organized as she can and make the most of her time, and she wants her fans and followers to do the same. Lipa said, “I want to be able to experience things. I don’t want to go to an amazing city and stay inside my hotel then leave and just say that I’ve been there. That has always been a massive thing for me. No matter what, I’ll make an effort to do something fun.”