Elephant Sanctuaries Around The World
By Jade Kerr - June 16, 2022

Elephants are like giant dogs. And who does not like dogs? There are a few elephant sanctuaries in the world, where you can spend your entire day playing and interacting with these amazing creatures. This article lists out a few of the best sanctuaries around the world, to help you decide on your next holiday destination. The primary rule of these sanctuaries is to provide elephants with a loving and secure home before they can finally go out into the wild.

Getty Images/Moment/Ayzenstayn

The first of these many sanctuaries are located in Botswana, Africa. The Chobe National Park has the largest elephant population in Africa, so you are likely to meet numerous elephants during your safari in the park. You are most likely to sight elephants in the dry season, which is from June to November. Due to the heat during these months, elephants are mostly found on the banks of the river to cool their bodies. Another famous sanctuary is in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Known as the Elephant Nature Park, you will be able to immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience. There are also plenty of volunteer programs you can sign up for if you wish to spend a longer time with elephants.

Located in Malawi, Africa is another sanctuary known as Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. It houses approximately 520 elephants, all placed here as a conservation effort. If you visit the reserve, you will see plenty of elephants walking in the wild. Hwange National Park, located in Zimbabwe, Africa is another major elephant sanctuary around the world. It hosts a grand total of 45,000 elephants. There are also plenty of lions and birds in the park, along with buffalos and wild dogs. If you visit the park, you will have an opportunity to meet lots of animals other than elephants!