Ellen DeGeneres Tests Positive For the Coronavirus
By admin - December 11, 2020

American TV presenter, Ellen DeGeneres, informed her fans on Facebook that the coronavirus had been confirmed.

“I want to let everyone know that my coronavirus test is positive,” the 62-year-old TV presenter wrote. “I will obey the rules. You will meet everyone after the holidays. I wish you health and safety. With love, Ellen.”

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Chip Somodevilla

The Ellen Show returned to the screens for its 18th season on September 21 after a scandalous summer break. Earlier, there were rumors that the 17-year-old story might be shut down after a series of allegations sparked a flurry of leading criticism from a popular TV talk show. The former staff accused the show’s producers of creating a toxic environment at work. After the show’s production company began investigating the case, Ellen apologized and the three producers of the show had to resign.