Elon Musk Mentions A Tesla Electric Bus But Deletes a Tweet Immediately
By admin - October 19, 2020

Elon Musk’s Borign Company is digging the first tunnel in Las Vegas, however, the new project differs significantly from the original concept. Instead of a futuristic, glass multi-seater transport, the Boring Company is actually creating a tunnel for Tesla cars.

However, in an already deleted tweet, Elon Musk wrote about Tesla’s multi-seater transport: “We will still do a multi-seater Tesla if that matters. However, maybe it is better to do a lot of tunnels. There is no practical limit to the number of tunnels.”

The observant eye will instantly notice that the new design is still very similar to the transport shown in the concept photos released in 2018.

Also noteworthy is a statement made by Tesla representatives in June, according to which the company plans to produce vans in the future and such transport will be able to accommodate up to 12 people.