Encouraging Innovators In Tech
By Alexandra Wade - May 31, 2022

In our everyday lives, it is rather difficult to see technological innovation directly. In fact, we may only realize technological advancements when they are greatly highlighted in an advertisement for a product that we intend to buy. Waterproof mobile phones, Smartwatches, and high-resolution cameras are all examples of advancements in technology that we have noticed firsthand and are aware of. However, there are countless innovators who bring about new products every day but simply do not market them as well as big brands such as Apple or Samsung. These are the innovative technologies that, despite having made many lives easier, are sidelined when they should be recognized as noble achievements.

To name a few of such technologies, solar energy has been integrated into multiple products to allow them to be more cost-effective and for them to have longer-lasting reliable batteries. They have been integrated into hearing aids, watches, and even wheelchairs. Considering that these products are marketed under the term “automatic”, without particular highlighting of the solar tech used in them, the innovators behind this technology are not recognized. Similarly, innovations in the medical department are not generally recognized by the general population. Recently, robotic surgeries have allowed for great enhancements in precision allowing for the green light on many technical surgeries.

This breakthrough has greatly increased the medical support that the general population has available to them. However, again due to a lack of advertisement, these innovations are not highlighted or recognized and many of us may not even have heard of many of these major breakthroughs. It is important to recognize the multiple innovations brought forward by people, no matter how rapid they may be. Even a reward in terms of applause can go a long way in encouraging innovation. And as such, any technological advancement should be advertised to raise awareness about the availability of that technology as well as the encouragement of the innovators.